Neuraptic AI to launch the Hypercontext in Q4 2023

Neuraptic AI, a deep tech research and product company, is set to launch the Hypercontext, a revolutionary multimodal AI concept, in the fourth quarter of 2023. The unveiling of the Hypercontext represents a landmark step in Neuraptic AI’s ongoing commitment to seamlessly integrate human cognitive capabilities with machines’ computing power and accuracy.

Introducing The Hypercontext

The Hypercontext is an advanced multimodal AI concept that refers to the ability of handling and integrating both “Human-friendly” and “Machine-friendly” data simultaneously. The integration will encompass various data formats such as images, texts, audio, tabular data, and time series. This innovative approach aims to extend the context humans have to make decisions by integrating information that humans cannot process in an efficient and precise way. This information amplifies precision and accuracy, particularly in repetitive and data-intensive tasks that require fast and accurate decisions.

A prime example of the Hypercontext’s application would be the understanding of complex and diverse health data, where human-interpretable image data can be combined with large volumes of machine-readable numerical values, thereby revolutionizing the way we approach data-intensive fields.
The introduction of the Hypercontext concept is primarily driven by the growing need to enhance decision-making abilities by leveraging the combined strengths of humans and machines. By creating a state-of-the-art multimodal AI that’s accessible to all, Neuraptic AI aims to democratize the access and usage of high-level AI technology, fostering its widespread adoption across sectors.
A significant advantage of this multimodal AI is that it requires less data to achieve a high prediction level, enabling more efficient and powerful decisions while conserving resources. As a result, the implementation of the Hypercontext will not only enhance data handling capabilities but also promote sustainable AI usage.
“The Hypercontext is not just an advancement in AI technology; it’s a step towards a future where human and machine capabilities are interwoven to form a more powerful, efficient, and decision-making framework. By extending our abilities with machine capabilities, we are inching closer to making this future a reality,” says Álvaro Moncada, CEO and spokesperson for Neuraptic AI.
The Hypercontext concept is implemented via ENAIA, Neuraptic AI´s cutting-edge multimodal AI, that empowers customers to harness the most advanced AI functionalities without necessitating an in-depth comprehension or significant financial investment.
ENAIA is fully operational, and currently accessible through an API and SaaS licensing model.

About Neuraptic AI:

Neuraptic AI is a deep tech research and product company committed to merging the cognitive capabilities of humans and machines. They strive to create and promote innovative AI solutions that are accessible and beneficial to all sectors of society.

Neuraptic AI was founded in 2020 by 3 Highly Cited PhDs in AI and Machine Learning with over 60 published international papers and conferences.

Media Contact:

Alvaro Moncada

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